It's time to experience life beyond the ‘funk’...

+ Are you sick of feeling a general sense of stuckness (kinda like life on a hamster wheel)?

+ Do you feel confused or overwhelmed by your thoughts and emotions?

+ Are your craving finding your next steps but can’t see the forest for the trees?

+ Do you feel like you should be adult-ing better but it’s just really f%$@ing complicated? 

+ Do you find it hard to listen to your heart- and even if you do then it’s a bit of a shit-fight between your head and your heart - which only leaves you feeling crappy (yeah, that’s the technical term)?


I'm SO glad you're here. 


You and I know that you could go through life feeling like this, in fact we know you’ve been doing it way longer than you’d care to admit, but at what expense? You’re here because you’re very much over it, it's just SO not working anymore and you’re unsure if you can keep this up much longer. You deserve (and definitely can have) more, I promise.

Every choice we make either brings wood to our internal fires or sprinkles a little water on them
— Debbie Ford

I want you to know that you are not alone in this and there is NOT something wrong with you. I want you to discover the deeper meaning of your uncomfy feelings and your struggles, so as you can tap into a greater sense of purpose. I want you to understand that underneath those shitty feelings- the self doubt, criticism, worry and overwhelm- there is gold. You see, no one teaches us the truth about how life works, ya know- the secrets of the Universe and all that *wink*. They don’t teach us about energy and the incredible power that lives inside of our brains and bodies. So we end up in a shit fight with life, completely confused and lost and figuring that somewhere along the line we took the wrong path, and we’re failing. It ain’t true, you’re not failing, you’re just missing some of the essential keys to understanding what’s going on, so you’re a funk. But, there is hope, keep scrolling, because I’ve got an incredible offering for you, something to help you find the gold and make the changes you’ve been craving.

Working with me is definitely for you, if: 

You have tried to do everything 'right' & you’ve been working hard, you’ve tried conventional wisdom on how to be happier and more fulfilled etc, but it’s not cutting it. Deep down you feel something's not quite right and you know something needs to change, you’re just unsure what it is. You do a good impression of having it together, heck, some peeps might even envy you; and you’re even a go-to person for helping others out (in fact you’re a rather wonderful helper- not that you’d fully admit it, ‘cos you’re blind to your own wonderful nature). You feel stuck and unsure which direction to take. Your biggest fear is have others discover that you are actually not sailing breezily through the adult-ing experience and that deep down you’re scared and feeling lost at sea. You hate the thought of letting anyone down, you fear disappointing your workmates, family…and being disowned by friends because you’re not who they thought you were.

You want to work with someone who’s been there and gets it, so chatting just feels really natural and completely non-judgey. You’d like to take a look at your 'stuff' in a grounded, honest & real way- and you don’t wanna get ‘stuck’ in the past. You enjoy a laugh and the occasional swear word, are not (too) afraid of the truth & are ready to shake things up (in the gentlest of ways). You don’t JUST want airy-fairy feel good vibes, you want things to actually change and you want your insights and ah-ha moments on the reg. You want to learn about yourself and know that your mentor knows her stuff, that she’s solid, experienced, well-read, educated AND loves light bright vibes. You want to see that she walks her talk and shows up authentically, that she listens with care and 100% attentiveness and that she is invested in seeing you shine (like 1000%). You don’t mind that she’s not great at maths, haha.

… did You know that you can absolutely have:

Ease & flow in your life, a healthy sense of self-love & increased energy, access to your inner wisdom, a lifestyle that feels quite lovely to you, an understanding of your emotions as guides (and acceptance of them), a sense of purpose and meaning in life, authentic relationships that nourish you…and passion (yep, you CAN feel passionate again). You deserve to feel lit up, often.

I think you'll love:

The permission to be completely honest in a really safe place. Connecting with someone who's been there, who 'gets it' and balances sessions allowing for both deep diving into tough stuff and lightness- think aha moment tears + laughter. Discovering so much more about yourself and why you feel the way you do.  The experience of unconditional love & acceptance- and being held in a space which holds your light, your highest good at the centre of everything.

make a wish.jpg

… and you’ll be surprised + delighted by:

 How much can be achieved through slowing down and creating the sacred space to explore what’s happening for you, talking in a refreshingly honest + down to earth way, connecting with your body & your inner world, how good it feels to tap into clarity and take back your power. 

Results? absolutely!

Honestly, it’s an absolute highlight of my work to be able to witness people shift from feeling seriously crappy (low energy, low mood, worry ++, physical pain) to feeling lighter and fulfilled. I love hearing my mentoring clients tell me how much they’re enjoying life and all the ‘magical’ things that have happened since they listened to their truth (and started living from that place). BTW, this is the secret sauce of the work we do- aligning your body, mind and soul brings a sense of harmony, and it allows good stuff to ‘magically’ happen in your life. When you’re in alignment, it’s so much easier to begin to receive all of the good-ness that’s available to you. Women also report that situations that were causing them stress and emotional overwhelm are now not such a big deal- because they feel differently about themselves - and that shifts everything else.

My clients get so clear on who they are, what they want and what is possible for them that they start to make decisions rather than avoid and procrastinate- so this results in some pretty amazing new experiences coming into their orbits. They consistently report feeling relieved of burden and a sense of freedom and lightness. They take action on what matters to them and realise they can let go of the stuff that was just bogging them down- which means they feel so much more energised. These women have got the sense that the world really is their oyster, because they know they have choice, and that's powerful.

Why work with me? 

I have a gift to be able to see the truth of your situation, to see beyond outward appearances and to get to your core 'stuff', which is where the really important work happens for lasting change. I see your wholeness, your beauty & unique talents & strengths- even if you don't. I will continue to see you in your amazing-ness until & beyond you too can see the same. I integrate knowledge of psychology, holistic health, emotions, energy psychology, narrative therapy, soul-fullness, trauma informed practice, career coaching & social influences to understand what’s happening for you and how I can best help. I’m also intuitive, so I just ‘know’ stuff which means that I might share ‘random’ insights and ask very left of field questions- which allow us to get to the root of things very quickly. Intuition is my super power - it makes our work together so much more focussed and effective- from the very beginning.

In addition to my 10+ years as a Social Worker in mental health, children’s emotional & behavioural health and women’s counselling, I’ve also been there personally...alot. You can read my personal story on the about me page, but in summary, I’ve been through some really tough traumatic experiences, had diagnoses of anxiety, depression and PTSD and had to navigate life with chronic illness. I have a thirst for knowledge and am absolutely passionate about holistic approaches to healing. Consequently I've read about and talked about hundreds of different approaches, theories and solutions.

I've also gone to lots and lots of different professionals/healers/therapists in my efforts to stop feeling so crappy and find a way to feel good. NONE of them actually created lasting change, some definitely helped and some made very little difference whilst claiming to be 'the answer'- I know what it's like to be seeking the answers & not getting’s so disheartening. That’s why I have drawn upon a variety of effective approaches to help myself, because I don’t believe there’s just one way to do healing…there ain’t no one size fits all approach. This is also why when I work with clients, I tailor my approach to what is going to be most helpful, and this can vary from session to session.

But officially, What are my quals? 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and am a trained therapist. I spent many years counselling people as an accredited Mental Health Social Worker. Throughout my 10+ years in the field, I have experience working in clinical mental health, public health, education, children, families & with people who have experienced trauma. I've studied several modalities/approaches to health & healing, including Narrative Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness & Self Compassion, Neuroplasticity, The Psychology of Chakras, Trauma Informed Practice, Strengths-Based Practice, Reiki & Kinesiology.

Pricing + payment? Here's the deal:

Science tells us that it takes 21 days to change a habit, but actually, more recent research says it’s longer. What I know is that you can expect change when you truly commit to the process...and inside of this package, we’re not focussing on changing one habit. The 3 months together is creating the time, space and support required for you to lighten and brighten. I have had incredible success in the past when clients have committed to a 3 month package- that level of commitment to yourself and the process is instantly a GAME CHANGER. Feeling supported and knowing that I’m cheering you on for the entire time is also powerful!

So let's commit to 3 months of working together to nurture your inner light & create real change. The investment is $499 per month and the value to you is immense, we're talking LIFE CHANGING- because that’s the power of learning to tune in and listen to your inner wisdom + the power of having someone (me) having your back, unconditionally.

Included is:

+ The 'Life Satisfaction Questionnaire'- This is your opportunity to get a really clear picture of where you're at & how you'd like to feel, it’s a great reflective tool. The questions help to guide you through the beginnings of the change process & help us to clearly identify areas of your life that need love & attention to bring greater vitality.

+ 1 x 90 minute Clarity Session- this is our deep dive into what’s happening for you- it’s a choose your own adventure style session- we can use oracle cards, essential oils, soul call cards OR purely focus on conversation to tap into clarity which will guide our ongoing work together.

+ 5 x 1 on 1 Mentoring Sessions- it's you and me, talking about and working through anything and everything that we need to in order to brighten your inner light. I'll be using an awesome combo of skills, wisdom, intuition and resources to help you in the best way possible. Each session is 75 minutes.

+ A gorgeous Nurture Gift Pack to commence our time together. It includes some of my absolute favourite things- support for you to slow down, find your calm and honour your light. The gift pack includes: A bespoke essential oil infused soy candle with crystals chosen to support your healing journey, essential oil infused bath salts and a delicious herbal tea for you to brew up and sip during our sessions.

+ A downloadable copy of my ‘Re-Wire Your Brain For Happiness Journalling Guide’, a resource to allow you to do minimal writing for maximum effect- it’s based upon the science of how to change your brain (neuroscience). This journal is designed to create neuroplastic change (re-wire your brain for greater happiness) and will enhance & strengthen your inner light.

+ A playlist of my favourite meditations & visualisations to enhance the work we do together. Meditation and visualisations are an incredible way to support your brain to re-wire to experience more of what you desire and less of what you don’t (I love happiness hacks).

+ Personalised resources for you, as required- I will recommend resources/strategies that I think would be amazing for you

+ A DIY Kit Kinesiology Balance- Utilising Kerry Rowett’s (Kinesiologist Extraordinaire) incredible DIY tool-kit, I’ll guide you through a full goal setting process which identifies blocks and brings balance to the chakras requiring it to achieve alignment to your goals. This process is incredible for overcoming obstacles and freeing yourself to move towards that which you desire. (This process can be selected to be part of any of your 5 mentoring sessions).

+ An e-mail check-in once a fortnight between sessions for support if you feel wobbly, troubleshooting, celebrating success and other cheeky fun stuff that we feel like, like sharing GIFS/funny vids.

+ Develop the skill of connecting with your truth, accepting yourself unconditionally and trusting in your innate wisdom (trust me, everyone has it!). This is a skill for life!

+ My commitment to you & your best life, I work with a limited number of clients so as I have plenty of time to walk my talk (keep my own light tended to) reflect on & pursue the best ways to support you & ensure you get the love & attention you deserve. 

Want more? You can continue 1 : 1 sessions for as long as you feel the need by simply booking in ‘mentoring sessions’, I'm here.

During August I’m opening up 3 spaces for this package- at the launch price of $332 a month - that’s a $500 saving in total! Get in touch ASAP to secure your spot 🌟 Please note this package is for 3 months and paid monthly, it is unavailable for any duration less than 3 months.

Got questions? Ready to make it happen? I love to chat! fill out the form and i’ll be in touch asap. I’m also happy to be contacted on the socials- fb/Insta DMs are good

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'I met Sarah somewhat fortuitously through the maze of twitter. A qualified social worker and survivor of an unexpected severe illness, we connected instantly and I found conversations with her insightful and inspiring. So much so that I needed weekly catch ups with her! Having prototyped her services as a life coach on me she is amazing for holistic physical/mental health and has a great understanding of the need for mindfulness, a good work/life balance, and the importance of quality relationships in life. Plus she writes a great blog on these subjects and more.' Lara McPherson

'Sarah, thank-you so much for guiding me through this experience. I really appreciate it and the magic you bring. You do this work beautifully, you're gifted. You've got a gentle strong manner with difficult situation; an ability to soothe inflammation. You're different, lovingly forthright and don't allow me to hide in my shadow. You've guided me to see the light in a compassionate and soulful way.' Vanessa Anstee

'I felt so comfortable to open up and be honest with both myself and Sarah during our sessions. I also felt like the space for me to be vulnerable and exposed was being held in such a soft, gentle and supportive way. I laughed at some revelations, I shrieked at others and I was pleasantly surprised a few times that my ‘inner me’ was quite on track even though I wasn’t listening to its wisdom. Sarah made me feel safe enough to go where I needed to and allowed the session to unfold organically. That’s always a nice feeling and to trust it is even better.  I feel lighter, clearer and like I am moving forward.' Laura Luca

'I went to Sarah not knowing her or anything about the way she consults, I was stuck and felt I had pieces of a puzzle everywhere and I couldn't sort them out to allow me to fit them together. Sarah's warm, open and honest manner, her objectiveness towards what I told her allowed me to sort those pieces out and begin to put them together. Everytime I leave her I feel a lightness and have a sense of excited anticipation of what lies next. Counsellor or coach, in my experience she is all that and more.' Scott T