It's time to live the life you've been dreaming of...

+ Are you craving a simpler & more fulfilling life?

+ Do you feel stuck and unsure what to do next?

+ Do you wish for better relationships or to find & keep 'the one'? 

+ Do you sometimes feel confused or overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions?

+ Do you struggle with your head & your heart wanting different things?

+ Do you feel like you could be achieving much more success, but somethings getting in the way?

+ Do you pretty much know what you want but struggle with how to achieve it?

+ Do you find blocks appearing & feel clueless about how to get around them?


I'm so glad you're here. 


You and I know that you could go through life feeling 'just ok', but at what expense? You deserve more, I promise.

Every choice we make either brings wood to our internal fires or sprinkles a little water on them
— Debbie Ford

I want you to know your 'inner me' without a doubt & experience the gift of her amazingly wise voice. Your wisdom is ready to guide you. You and I can create a space for that to happen. I  truly want for you to feel more alive & on track than ever before. 

Working with me is definitely for you, if: 

You have tried to do everything 'right' & work hard but deep down you feel something's not quite right. You look successful to others, perhaps you're even the envy of some friends! But life's just not 100% working for YOU & you're wondering why. You feel stuck and unsure which direction to take. Your biggest fear is disappoint your workmates, family, be disowned by friends or end up poor. You wish that life could be just like you dreamed 'grown up life' would be when you were a little girl. You want to work on your 'stuff' in a grounded, honest & real way- enjoying clarity - not getting more confused. You enjoy a laugh, are not afraid of the truth & are ready to be truly happy.

… You can absolutely have:

a healthy sense of self-love, more motivation & energy, access to your inner wisdom, a lifestyle that suits you, a sense of purpose and meaning in your life and authentic relationships. You deserve to feel connected to your inner compass!

I think you'll love:

The permission to be completely honest in a really safe place. Connecting with someone who's been there, who 'gets it'. Discovering so much more about yourself.  The experience of unconditional love & acceptance.

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… and you’ll be surprised + delighted by:

 How much can be achieved through talking, connecting with your body, sharing, getting clear and owning your own power. 

Results? Absolutely. Women experience all kinds of benefits with 'inner me' work…

Time and time again I've witnessed women shift from feeling worried, flat and overwhelmed to experiencing increased energy, fulfilment & success. Women consistently share that they're experiencing new and exciting achievements in their personal and professional lives through listening to & honouring their 'inner me'. Witnessing my clients looking and feeling great & hearing their stories of living out their dreams is a joy. I've seen women go from low energy & mood to glowing from the inside out. I've seen women enjoy great new relationships or big improvements in their existing relationship. Women who have connected with themselves and learned how to nurture their 'inner me' have discovered that their health & vitality naturally increase. They report increased confidence & easier decision making, which they then use to make their dreams come true.  They choose new experiences or find renewed passion for what already exists in their lives! They consistently report feeling relieved of burden and a sense of freedom and lightness. These women have got the sense that the world really is their oyster, because they know they have choice, and that's powerful.

Why work with me? 

I have a gift to be able to see the truth of your situation, to see beyond outward appearances and to get to your core 'stuff', which is where the really important work happens for lasting change. I see your wholeness, your beauty & unique talents & strengths- even if you don't. I will continue to see you in your amazing-ness until & beyond you too can see the same. I integrate knowledge of psychology, holistic health, emotions, narrative therapy, soul-fullness, career coaching & social influences with accurate intuition to guide you to understand yourself better than ever before & to see your life in a way that empowers you to live it fully. 

I've been there...alot, I've been dabbling in what it takes to go from 'ok' to 'great' for many years, I've read about and talked about hundreds of different approaches, theories and solutions. I've gone to lots and lots of different professionals/healers/therapists in an attempt to stop feeling so crappy and find a way to feel good. NONE of them actually created lasting change, some definitely helped and some made very little difference whilst claiming to be 'the answer'- I know what it's like to be seeking the answers & not getting results. 

What are my quals? I am a trained therapist and accredited Mental Health Social Worker. I have many years experience working in clinical mental health, public health, education & with people who have experienced trauma. I've studied several modalities for health & healing, including Narrative Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Neuroplasticity, The Psychology of Chakras, Reiki & Kinesiology. I have an ability to see things from lots of perspectives and to see 'the bigger picture'. I will always tailor our sessions specifically to you and your needs,  I do not believe in a 'one size fits all' approach. 

Pricing + payment? Here's the deal:

It takes 21 days to change a habit, right? You can expect change when you truly commit to the let's commit to 6 weeks of working together to create change. The investment is $399 and the value to you is immense, we're talking about LIFE CHANGING awesomeness. (medicare rebates available for clients with a Mental Health Care Plan & payment plans are available)

Included is:

+ The 'Life Satisfaction Questionnaire'- This is your opportunity to get a really clear picture of where you're at & how you'd like to feel, the questions help to guide you through & help us to clearly diagnose areas of your life that need love & attention to bring greater vitality.

+ My Vision Boarding Tool-Kit, the how to's of vision boarding to help you to dream, get clear, stay focussed and motivated on living a great life

+ 3 x 1 on 1 consulting sessions- it's you and me, talking about and working through anything and everything that we need to in order to take you from just 'ok' to great. I'll be using an awesome combo of skills, wisdom, intuition and resources to help you in the best way possible. Each session is 60 minutes.

+ Personalised resources in the form of knowledge & skills to apply on a daily basis for the best possible outcomes.

+ Practice accepting and loving yourself unconditionally (now that's POWERFUL)

+ You will learn how to connect with your truth and discover your inner wisdom (trust me, everyone has it!)

+ My commitment to you & your best life, I work with a limited number of clients so as I have plenty of time to walk my talk, reflect on & pursue the best ways to support you & ensure you get the love & attention you deserve. 

Want more? You can continue 1 on 1 sessions in my maintenance program for as long as you feel the need, I'm here.


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'I met Sarah somewhat fortuitously through the maze of twitter. A qualified social worker and survivor of an unexpected severe illness, we connected instantly and I found conversations with her insightful and inspiring. So much so that I needed weekly catch ups with her! Having prototyped her services as a life coach on me she is amazing for holistic physical/mental health and has a great understanding of the need for mindfulness, a good work/life balance, and the importance of quality relationships in life. Plus she writes a great blog on these subjects and more.' Lara McPherson

'Sarah, thank-you so much for guiding me through this experience. I really appreciate it and the magic you bring. You do this work beautifully, you're gifted. You've got a gentle strong manner with difficult situation; an ability to soothe inflammation. You're different, lovingly forthright and don't allow me to hide in my shadow. You've guided me to see the light in a compassionate and soulful way.' Vanessa Anstee

'I felt so comfortable to open up and be honest with both myself and Sarah during our sessions. I also felt like the space for me to be vulnerable and exposed was being held in such a soft, gentle and supportive way. I laughed at some revelations, I shrieked at others and I was pleasantly surprised a few times that my ‘inner me’ was quite on track even though I wasn’t listening to its wisdom. Sarah made me feel safe enough to go where I needed to and allowed the session to unfold organically. That’s always a nice feeling and to trust it is even better.  I feel lighter, clearer and like I am moving forward.' Laura Luca

'I went to Sarah not knowing her or anything about the way she consults, I was stuck and felt I had pieces of a puzzle everywhere and I couldn't sort them out to allow me to fit them together. Sarah's warm, open and honest manner, her objectiveness towards what I told her allowed me to sort those pieces out and begin to put them together. Everytime I leave her I feel a lightness and have a sense of excited anticipation of what lies next. Counsellor or coach, in my experience she is all that and more.' Scott T