3 essential tips for getting your energy back when work's exhausting

+ Do you feel as if you're whole life is sucked up by being at or thinking about work?

+ Do you hit snooze so many times each morning that you're forced to eat brekky on your way out the door?

+ Do you have a heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach when you think about your day ahead?

Rocking up to work with a heavy heart & a fake smile plastered on your face sucks. It doesn't have to be this way. I know you feel as if you've done so much hard work already, and all for what? Please don't panic, you'll be amazed how quickly things can change.

3 essential tips for more energy, vitality & motivation:

1. Know that it's not your 'fault'.

This is definitely not your fault, you're not wrong & certainly needn't feel ashamed. This is just life & another opportunity for learning and growing. You've met this uncomfortable edge before, where you just know that things aren't quite right. I know it's scary, so in the past when well meaning people have told you to step away into safety, you have. Not this time baby, cos I know you're for real & ready for change. Let go of judgements, refuse to listen to anyone else who tells you that you shouldn't feel like this. Love yourself regardless of how shitty you feel. Playing the self-blame game will only keep you stuck and I know you only wanna move forwards. 

2. Get honest & practice acceptance.

Increased energy starts with getting really honest about who you are & what feels great to you, giving up on the pushing through is essential. Honour your truth & willingly let go of pretending. It's you committing to accepting your Self, regardless of how your Self is feeling, thinking or behaving. This is an EVERY day EVERY moment essential practice; acceptance. I want you to listen to your inner Self and let go of what everyone else thinks (or you think they think), I want you to get naked and real with your Self. I want you to commit to looking inwards rather than out.

3. Let go of the need to plan & achieve. 

Yup, you heard right, you need to LET GO of the need for plans and agendas. All you need to do right now is commit to listening to and honouring your 'inner me'. Engaging your mind in a merry go round of trying to work stuff out is exhausting. I know it's hard to believe but letting go of the need to 'know' and have answers creates space for you to relax, get real & go within. Trust me, seeking outside of your self will never result in true fulfilment. All of the wisdom is inside of you gorgeous, be still and listen.



Know your life purpose in just 5 minutes

Know your life purpose in just 5 minutes