In my years as a womens' counsellor I've never met a woman who is truly happy with how she looks. I've noticed that one of the significant causes of impaired self-esteem is the masses of photoshopped images in the media.

Not surprisingly our low self esteem is exactly what so many companies are attempting to create. Can you imagine how many billions the companies would miss out on if none of us felt the need to 'fix' ourselves with products & clothes? 

A huge amount of people have alot to gain from causing us to believe that there is something wrong with us. They sell us a story that they can help us 'fix' our flaws if we purchase their goods. Often we're not purchasing a wonderful product, we're spending money on the feeling of becoming more acceptable. This is why the bigger & more influential a brand is, the more we pay. We all just want to feel 'good enough' and worthy. 

It's normal, it's part of our biological and psychological make-up, we are wired to 'fit in' and be socially accepted. Our primitive brains still believe that not fitting in is potentially life threatening. 

I want to express one very important point; please do not judge yourself for your humanness and how convinced you become that certain products will improve your life and your worth. We are born with inbuilt tendencies and drives to desire social acceptance- advertisers & marketers absolutely exploit this.

With this awareness and acceptance of your human-ness, it gives you the power back to choose. For example, will you give a big name cosmetics brand the power to decide whether or not you are ok as you are, or will you make that decision your self??

I enjoyed watching the video above as these women realise the illusion created by the media and advertising and re-claim their power to love themselves as they are. Very cool!



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