The stories we weave

Lily Brett

Lily Brett

I like to think about the stories we weave as human beings, I like hearing other peoples stories and reading stories and creating them. A testament to my love of all things narrative is when I first discovered a thing called 'narrative therapy', in my days as a Social Work student. I was excited that there was a therapy called 'narrative' and instantly decided I would like it. 

I always loved writing as a child and have fond memories of creating books in the classroom and 'novels' in my bedroom. I wrote 'novels' on my Mum's hand-me-down typewriter, enjoying the loud clacking of the keys as I typed. It's funny to think now of how disappointing it was to make a mistake- because I had to manually go back and fix it, or start again. Wow, how times have changed!

I have stories on my mind, because today I came across an incredible one. I sat down and turned the TV on, planning to watch some of the Australian Open. Instead of tennis, I found myself watching the very beginning of One plus One, a program on the ABC. I don't think I've ever watched it before, but as I sat and watched I fell in love with Lily Brett (the interviewee) and her story.

She shared her jewish parents history, of surviving the death camps of Germany, their marriage surviving 6 long years of war and genocide and eventually, becoming seperated in a death camp. Lily shared what it was like to move to Australia as a toddler, and to live a life sensing that she didn't really 'belong'. She spoke of living with parents who had endured hell and the influence it had on her life. She also shared her experience of becoming a journalist in the 60s and interviewing the big names of Rock'n Roll.

She comes across as gentle, reflective, speaking eloquently and weaving an incredible narrative. I found her delightful and moving to watch. 

As someone with a love of learning about how humans thrive, survive suffering and trauma and the elements which make for a whole-hearted and enriching life, it was a gift to be able to learn through the stories shared by Lily Brett. I highly recommend watching this interview!

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