The life changing magic of Soul Call Cards

Since early last year I've been developing what I think is reasonable to call, a love affair. It's been a slow burn kind of love, so slow, that at first I mistakenly thought it may be just a simple case of curiosity.

It began in January 2016 when I discovered Amy Oscar's 'Soul Call Cards'. I highly value Amy's 'Soul Caller' work and for many years, I've enjoyed working with her. Amy has supported me to develop my ability to listen to my soul's calls. When Amy created the Soul Call cards, I knew I needed to have them. 

Since them I've completed the Soul Call Card Certification program and my relationship with the cards has grown stronger. I have so much appreciation for them and their incredible power to shine a light on our experiences, in a way which brings greater love, clarity and compassion to our lives. 

The Soul Call Cards are a means of connecting to the depths of who you really are and seeing the truth of situations beyond your conscious minds limited ideas and perspectives. 

On many occasions I have personally experienced the incredible clarity and peace, that comes with having a reading. Others who have had readings with me have loved the experience; and walked away feeling lighter and brighter. Not only have they felt great at the end of the reading, they've reported ongoing benefits of being able to offer themselves compassion and to see clearly. They've shared that the reading allowed them to take their next steps without the worry that was previously bothering them. All this after just a 45-60 minute session!

Here's some thoughts shared by women who have had a Soul Call Card reading. 

'There was so much mystery within the reading that turned into crystal clear clarity by the end. I woke up this morning feeling much more confident and on track!' - Laura

'I just can't find the words for how amazingly blissed out I feel each time I see Sarah.' - Jacqui

Would you love to get clarity about what your Soul desires? Would you like to understand why things are playing out the way they are, at this time? 

A Soul Call Card reading is the perfect answer to these questions.

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Please note, I have closed my private practice and am no longer seeing clients for counselling. This difficult decision was based on a desire to create some space in my life and see where life took me. This has led me to offering Soul Call Card readings which is now an option if you would like to have a session with me.