Weird is awesome

On this lovely Sunday morning I'm relaxing on my couch feeling super inspired, thanks to the brilliance of TedX talks. I love watching TED talks because they're surprising, they offer the unexpected and they make me think. TED talks almost always lead to feelings of inspiration and leave me somehow changed.

Today I'm zeroing in on weirdness, who woulda thunk it? These talks naturally appeal to me, I'm already sold on the value of weird! The bonus is that they're funny, and if you're like me, you'll laugh out loud, for real.

'The most pervasive disease today is being normal, it affects about 90% of people and also has an impact on the other 10%.' This is just one of JP sears factual opinions he shares in his TedX talk. 

Today, I'm learning about why we should let our weirdness out. Anyone who's ever hung out with me will know that I'm pretty good at letting my weird out, I like playfulness, I dislike small talk and generally prefer not to conform to the regular social conventions.

Honestly, I usually can't help myself but to let my weird out, to say and do things that aren't expected. When it goes well, it makes people laugh or smile, when it doesn't go so well I kinda freak people out- they tend to keep their distance.I know who I'd rather connect with- the people with the sense of humour and a sense of playfulness.

My behaviour helps to attract the right people into my circle, the ones who enjoy my flavour of weird, who enjoy being surprised occasionally. At some point, they also become comfortable enough to share their weird with me; that's when things get really fun.

It will come as no surprise then, that I enjoy spending time with kids. One of my favourite parts of my role as an educational social worker is having sessions with kids. A lot of the kids I meet haven't yet learned to hide their particular brand of weird, and if they have, they soon feel comfortable sharing it with me. In the safety of our bubble, the time we have when it's just us, we can simply let loose and be ourselves. 

Not so long ago, following a weekend of enjoying comedy shows, I returned to work on Monday in full swing with my amateur jokes. In a humorous mood, I sat with a young person who I'd known for a while and found myself letting loose with spontaneous 'jokes'. After a while I asked him if he was getting sick of my amateur jokes, because I knew they weren't that great- he said 'I could get never get bored of you'. Well, wasn't that music to my ears, particularly when I knew that I was the only one in the room who was feeling amused.

Whilst I probably wasn't very funny at all, this boy was most likely enjoying the experience of an adult being a bit silly and playful.

So, remembering we all have an inner child, we therefore have an innate desire to be in the company of someone who is playful- and unapologetically lets their weird out.

Perhaps consider, could you share some of your brand of strange with others? Do you already offer this weirdness as a gift to the world?

Do you need convincing or an affirmation of why your weird is awesome? Watch these talks and there'll be no looking back towards normalcy, it'll be all onwards and upwards for your unique self.

Could this be why substances which cause us to become uninhibited are so popular? Hmmm.

Enjoy these clever & inspiring talks on letting your weird out. Share with a friend who you think has a healthy amount of weird, or who you'd like to see let loose a bit more!

This was so much fun to write, I've had a cheeky smile on my face the whole time, please do share your weird and wonderful thoughts in comments. 

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