Bringing The Inner Beam to life (again)



This is the dream I didn't even know I had..

For this Bendigo based chick, working from home helping other women to connect with their inner light didn't even sound like a 'thing' .

But it is a thing...because I made it so...because I believe in how much it *needs* to be a thing.

With thanks to a job that I could no longer 'face' I found myself with time and space, to listen within, to get creative and to dream.

I have dreamed my dream into being, one step at a time. It is early days, yet I feel so incredibly aligned with this work. I believe in it so hard...I believe we are here to shine.

If it weren't for the illness that I thought might end my life in 2010...if it weren't for the workplace that was no longer work-able..I may not be where I am today.

It is the stuff that feels unbearable, the stuff that overwhelms us like a dark cloud, that forces us to become so fed up that we MUST change.

The darkness of the cloud of despair sweeps us up in its embrace, until we say, ENOUGH.

We decide there has to be another way...and we start to explore.

If that's you right now, whether you're seeing grey everywhere [because the cloud of a shitty life experience has swallowed you up]...or you're beginning to seek something new. I see you.

Trust me, the light does exist...

My energetic readings (Soul Call Cards) & intuitive mentoring sessions are ideal for helping you to find that light...scheduling is online and easy.

You don't need to have completely fallen apart to deserve help...nor do you need to get your shit sorted a little bit before you reach out.

The power is in the present moment, now is the perfect time for you to choose support. You deserve it!

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