Know your life purpose in just 5 minutes

Know your life purpose in just 5 minutes

+ Do you know, deep down, that you're here to experience more than you currently are?

+ Do you wonder if you're 'missing the point' in life?

+ Do you feel passionate about a topic/experience/idea/issue but don't get to spend time on it?

+ Does the whole 'life purpose' thing feel so overwhelming you try to ignore it?

You're not alone! I've spent endless hours soul searching & trying to work out what the heck I'm 'meant to do in life'. I've tried tarot readings, books, counselling, kinesiology, shamans, personality profiling & 'find your dream career' quizzes in search of THE ANSWER. It can all get rather complicated, can't it? 

Thank the stars for people like Adam Leipzig who are simplifying this over-complicated topic.

Adam Leipzig- How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 minutes (irresistible huh?)

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