What is Heart-Based Goal Setting?

HEART based goal setting supports you to tune into your 'inner me' and listen to your true desires. Connecting with your 'inner me' is essential to gain clarity about what you really want. HEART based goals are achievable, energising, heart-felt and based on your personal values. The beauty of this work is that you tune into your heart to set goals that you actually want to commit to. HEART BASED goal setting is a highly effective process, which has been designed based upon modern mind-body science.  

Is a Heart Based Goal Setting Package for you?  

+ Do you ever struggle with your head and heart wanting different things? 

+ Do you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life?

+ Have you been disappointed in the past by setting goals and not achieving them?

+ Do your goals feel like 'should-dos' instead of 'want-to-dos'?

+ Do you wonder how others are able to stick at their goals?

+ Are you struggling to figure out what's really important to you? 

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, it's time to discover a new way of setting goals that actually feels really fun & positive!


You can do this, you are truly capable of achieving your goals!



What's included in a heart-based goal setting package?

// A 2 hour heart-based coaching session: You and me, getting clear about your values & desires, setting goals & creating a plan to make them happen

// A guided meditation to get grounded and connected to your heart so as you can hear your true desires

// Align your heart & mind so as they're on the same team

// A clear plan to take-away outlining your goals and action steps to keep you focussed

// A copy of my Guide to Heart-Based Goals with all the best tips & strategies to stay highly motivated and focussed on your goals

// My absolute dedication to you living your best life & enjoying the sweet success that comes with it (think of me as your personal cheerleader)

// Weekly e-mail follow up support for a month to support you to stay on track & kicking goals.

Why work with me?

 I'm passionate about women living fulfilling empowered lives & have consequently made it my mission to learn as much as I can about achieving long-lasting change. I'm playful and love to have fun, my idea of an awesome time is talking about possibilities, hopes and dreams. I get so excited about potentials that I naturally enjoy devising a plan to make things happen! I want you to join me in the delight of talking about possibilities for your life. I want you to know that you deserve all that you desire and that you have permission to take action. I want you to catch the dreaming-of-possibilities bug (if you haven't already) and start getting awesome results. 

You can get to know much more about me, my personal experiences, my qualifications, philosophies on life & healing and how I can help you on the About page

Pricing + Payment? Here's the deal. 

Your investment is $295. Payment can be made via credit card or direct deposit. Payment is required a minimum of 48 hours prior to your session to secure your booking.

Are you ready to do this? 

Fill out the form to book your Heart-Based Goal Setting package. I'll be in contact to schedule a time for your session within 48 hours. 


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Here's some thoughts from women who have loved finding clarity with Sarah:

'Sarah, thank-you so much for guiding me through this experience. I really appreciate it and the magic you bring. You do this work beautifully, you're gifted. You've got a gentle strong manner with difficult situation; an ability to soothe inflammation. You're different, lovingly forthright and don't allow me to hide in my shadow. You've guided me to see the light in a compassionate and soulful way.' Vanessa Anstee

'I felt so comfortable to open up and be honest with both myself and Sarah during our sessions. I also felt like the space for me to be vulnerable and exposed was being held in such a soft, gentle and supportive way. I laughed at some revelations, I shrieked at others and I was pleasantly surprised a few times that my ‘inner me’ was quite on track even though I wasn’t listening to its wisdom. Sarah made me feel safe enough to go where I needed to and allowed the session to unfold organically. That’s always a nice feeling and to trust it is even better.  I feel lighter, clearer and like I am moving forward.' Laura Luca