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Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Sarah and this is the virtual space I've created to share my passion & offer guidance for whole-hearted living (aka living & loving life fully). I’m here to assure you that there's no shame in wanting to feel more than ok, to feel great. I'm an experienced & intuitive counsellor who can help you to turn lemons into lemonade. Got lemons? Read on.

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I suspect you and I have a few things in common...

My guess is that you're here because you're not 100% happy, perhaps there's niggling feelings or symptoms that just won't go away? The good news is that you're in the right place. I've spent many years obsessed with studying, learning, practising & refining ways to take bothersome feelings & turn them into gold. These tricky icky feelings are here for a reason and often transform into wisdom & guidance when given the space to express themselves. Another special benefit of these 'niggles' is that they often lead to the discovery of answers you feared you'd never be able to find. 

What I know for sure is that everything you need is inside of you. I have lots of 'tricks up my sleeve' to help you access the answers you need to move forward feeling balanced, peaceful and whole. Many people I meet doubt that they deserve to feel truly fulfilled. If you can relate to this, I want you to know: it's not just you, we live in a 'suck it up' society. When we see lots of people just getting on with things and doing struggle, it re-enforces that this is indeed how we should all be doing life. 

If you're ready to shake things up, you have arrived in exactly the right place! I'm here to walk with you with compassion, to ask the right questions, provide guidance and share what I have learned to support you on your path towards a wholehearted fulfilling life. 

Where to from here?

Want to find out more about me? Check out my About page.

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Clients Reflections:

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After the session with Sarah I felt like I floated out of the room! Leaving the session with Sarah I thought that I would be emotionally exhausted, but I felt great and had so much clarity.
— Tara Green
Sarah made me feel safe enough to go where I needed to and allowed the session to unfold organically. That’s always a nice feeling, to trust it is even better. I feel lighter, clearer and like I am moving forward.’
— Laura Luca
‘I went to Sarah not knowing her or anything about the way she consults, I was stuck and felt I had pieces of a puzzle everywhere and I couldn’t sort them out to allow me to fit them together. Sarah’s warm, open and honest manner, her objectiveness towards what I told her allowed me to sort those pieces out and begin to put them together. Everytime I leave her I feel a lightness and have a sense of excited anticipation of what lies next. Counsellor or coach, in my experience she is all that and more.’
— Scott T

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