Are you ready to fuel your inner light and turn it into a full blown inner beam? YES!? Then I’ve got the cards and the knowledge to help.

Together you and I can use the Soul Call cards to entertain and grow the belief that you deserve happiness, inner peace and fulfilment.

We can hold space for a new story to emerge in which you live a life with your inner beam glowing so vibrantly that others can't help but notice your glow.

I invite you to join me in a soulful conversation supported by the 'Soul Call Cards'.

A Soul Call Card reading is for YOU if you're:

// Excited by the idea of hearing your soul on a deeper level

// Seeking to get a fresh perspective aka 'birds eye view' of your life (then swooping on down and noticing the details)

// In need of clarity and renewed spark in one or more areas of your life (ie. career, love life, family, health)


If you're nodding YES to all of the above, and you enjoy being playful & having fun, I've got the IDEAL deck of cards for us to play with!

Let me introduce you to the Soul Call Cards.

They were birthed by the incredible Amy Oscar. Amy's work is about teaching others to connect with and listen to their inner guidance system. She does this in many ways, one of which is to cleverly support her students and clients to connect with both their inner and outer worlds in a new way. Amy teaches that however seperate these two things may seem, they are so much more related than most of us could imagine.

The cards help you draw the conversation that you are already having with yourself into the light - Amy Oscar

Amy's work is an inspiration, I feel blessed to call her my teacher and to be able to share these incredible Soul Call Cards with you, as a Certified Soul Call Card Reader. 

The Soul Call Cards are a wonderfully simple way of connecting our inner and outer worlds in a way which makes SO much sense.

The Soul Call Cards are a means of connecting to the depths of who you really are and seeing the truth of situations beyond your conscious mind's limited ideas and perspectives. The cards help you access the part of yourself that you use every time you read a poem or watch a film, the part that understands, instinctively, metaphor. 

I invite you to join me in play, to explore your soul's desires, to witness that which is currently constellating in your world. 

This is an invitation to come home to yourself, to your own peaceful inner sanctuary.

Each Soul Call Card Reading takes approximately 45-60 minutes and is done online via Skype. If you live in Bendigo, Australia we may be able to arrange to meet in person for your reading.

Discover more about the Soul Call Cards as explained by Amy. 

Praise from women who have loved finding clarity with Sarah:

'Sarah, thank-you so much for guiding me through this experience. I really appreciate it and the magic you bring. You do this work beautifully, you're gifted. You've got a gentle strong manner with difficult situation; an ability to soothe inflammation. You're different, lovingly forthright and don't allow me to hide in my shadow. You've guided me to see the light in a compassionate and soulful way.' Vanessa Anstee

''There was so much mystery within the reading that turned into crystal clear clarity by the end. I woke up this morning feeling much more confident and on track!' - Laura

'I just can't find the words for how amazingly blissed out I feel each time I see Sarah.' - Jacqui