Pricing + Services

“I arrived feeling confused and completely overwhelmed, I left feeling light and clear- it was amazing.” Jess

Intuitive Mentoring Session

 $115/60 mins —  Exactly what you’re craving- honest, down to earth, intuitive guidance to help you find a path forwards. We explore the issues you’re facing and create a plan for change that helps you to feel lighter & brighter. The ideal session when you need to find a balance between your head & heart and find practical steps for creating change

Soul Call Card Reading

 $149/90 mins —  Immerse yourself in a beautiful, safe and reflective space. These readings gently guide you towards that sought after balance between your head & heart. Watch self-doubt, criticism and perfectionism diminish & clarity and calm flourish. Perfect for when you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of your next steps.

Peaceful Parenting Consultation

$145/60 —  Parenting can be a tough gig. It’s both the most rewarding and challenging thing we do! For Mums who are experiencing more challenge than reward, this consult is for you! With several years experience working with children in schools and as Mental Health Social Worker, I bring knowledge in the areas of trauma, emotional issues, complex behaviour, family dynamics and neuroscience. These sessions are designed to help you understand what’s happening for your child. You’ll learn about what’s happening underneath the tip of the iceberg (think behaviours, meltdowns and anxiety at the tip) and develop a clearer sense of why it’s occurring (below the water level). I’ll help you to help your little one and take some stress out of your every-day #ParentingLife. My approaches are based upon the best practices for improving emotional regulation and influencing behaviours through positive behavioural support. I teach you how to more easily connect with your child (and how that connection is the foundation for everything else).