“After the session with Sarah I felt like I floated out of the room! Leaving the session with Sarah I thought that I would be emotionally exhausted, but I felt great and had so much clarity.”
— Tara Green

Happy Clients


I just can't find the words for how amazingly blissed out I feel each time I see Sarah.

— jackie

There was so much mystery within the reading that turned into crystal clear clarity by the end. I woke up this morning feeling much more confident and on track!

— laura

I arrived feeling confused and completely overwhelmed, I left feeling light and clear- it was amazing.

— jess

Sarah, thank-you so much for guiding me through this experience. I really appreciate it and the magic you bring. You do this work beautifully, you're gifted.

— Anon


You've got a gentle strong manner with difficult situations; an ability to soothe inflammation. You're different, lovingly forthright and don't allow me to hide in my shadow. You've guided me to see the light in a compassionate and soulful way.

— vanessa

I experienced a meditation session with Sarah and found her voice and energy very soothing. I left feeling super relaxed.

— claire

Whenever I’m with Sarah I feel safe and relaxed. Sessions are always insightful, helpful and reassuring. I leave our sessions feeling completely different to when I arrived.

— BrI

From the very beginning I felt relaxed and assured of Sarah Rose’s ability and knowledge. I used the oils Sarah worked out for me prior going to bed. I had the best sleep since I don’t know when!! I unreservedly recommend Sarah Rose for any changes you wish to make!!

— stephen