Workshop for Parents: Emotional Balance for Kids Using Essential Oils
6:00 PM18:00

Workshop for Parents: Emotional Balance for Kids Using Essential Oils


A workshop for parents to discover techniques to support the emotional well-being of their children.

During the Workshop you will:

- Learn an evidence based technique to become an ‘emotion coach’ for your child when they’re experiencing big feelings. 

- Discover how to increase your child’s EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

- Learn that research has proven that you need only be a 'good enough' parent most of the time (not all of the time!!) for your child to grow up emotionally healthy (you'll be surprised by the actual % of time you need to use emotion coaching for healthy well adjusted kids)

- Tap into your own sense of calm and centredness to support you to be able to cope with your child’s big emotions and your own.

- Take home a ready-to-use roll on essential oil blend to support yours and your child’s emotional balance and to use as a tool for emotional well-being

- Connect with other parents who are facing similar challenges whilst supporting their children to be emotionally healthy and happy (you're not alone, I promise!).

- Feel heard and supported as a parent who is doing their very best and enjoy the relief of knowing you are most definitely not alone in dealing with the challenges of your child’s emotions and behaviours. 

- Choose a ready made essential oil roller designed to support emotional balance to take home and use with your child (and for yourself!) 

- Participants who do not have their own DoTERRA wholesale account will have an opportunity to get their own online account on the day and purchase therapeutic grade essential oils at wholesale prices delivered straight to your home.

Who is the workshop facilitator?

Sarah is a Social Worker of 10 years and a parent of a 5 year old boy. Her professional background includes 2 years of study in Primary Education in which she learned about childhood development and behaviour, prior to choosing to pursue the career path of Social Work. Sarah has a degree in Social Work and many years experience working with both children and adults in the areas of mental and emotional health. She has undertaken additional studies in the areas of neuroscience, childhood development, brain development, trauma informed practice, narrative therapy, mindfulness & self compassion, acceptance and commitment therapy, behavioural interventions and in the use of essential oils for emotional balance. Sarah is passionate about inspiring others to live wholehearted lives; in which they feel safe to be true to themselves, are loving and accepting towards themselves and others, and feel able to make choices which nurture their inner light. 

To find out more about Sarah please check out the 'About' page. 

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